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>> reporter: good morning. i spoke with the manager who arrived on scene about 10 minutes ago. he is being debriefed with the fire department in the back right now. he doesn't know what happened exactly in the situation but he did say that in the past this location has had problems with people stealing fuel from these trucks. if you have rented a u-haul truck they are returned with a full tank of gas. another problem this morning was a propane tank about 10 feet tall that sits in the back lot. the concern was to get the fire under control before it headed towards that tank. so as a precaution, a row of apartments behind the lot were evacuated. we are told the residents have been let back in. right now police have located -- blocked off the area as the arson investigators continue checking out what may have caused the fire. we know that the fire broke out around 11:57 a.m. it was a two-alarm fire. 7 u-haul trucks were completely destroyed by the fire. another had some minor injuries, minor damage. investigators say that 8 trucks
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were completely empty so they are puzzled now what may have caused the problem. but there was a problem this morning in trying to get the hose out pack here which caused problems for firefighters. >> when we arrived, the first crews on scene found about 8 u- hauls burning to the rear lot of the business. it was a bit of a logistical challenge. the hose length to get in there was quite long. >> reporter: right now, the u- haul manager is meeting with the fire department and mountain view police department to help them answer questions and figure out what may be going on back here. we do know that later on they are bringing in dogs to sniff out for some accelerant and continue the investigation this morning. >> thank you anser hassan. tempers flare on the streets of san francisco. protestors unhappy with the police killing of a teenaged convict turned to vandalism and
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violence. dozens were arrested. our anne makovec is in the newsroom with how the police chief plans to deal with the growing community backlash. anne. >> reporter: the first step is a community meeting which is going to be held tonight. last night, 35 people were arrested in these protests. take a look at our own crew getting attacked yesterday evening. our cbs 5 photographer was attacked while interviewing one of the protestors as you can see there. and somebody comes up from behind right there... knocked down camera out of his hands. luckily, the police were able to arrest a suspect in that case. all told, 35 people were arrested after a crowd before 150 marched from dollars park ending up near union square. along the way reports of people throwing smoke bombs, paint and a hammer. several windows were broken along the route as well. there were disruptions to traffic, muni service and bart. all of this in response to the
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police shooting of a 19-year- old man on saturday kenneth wade harding who was riding a bus in the bayview. police got on to check people's tickets and harding took off. you're looking at some youtube video now. police say he fired at them as he ran away. they shot and killed him. several witnesses got this all on cell phone video and again that's what you're looking at now, posted to youtube. it turns out harding was a parolee wanted for questioning in a murder in seattle. there is going to be a community meeting going on this evening. that is at 6 p.m. at bayview operahouse. the address is there on your screen. 4705 third street starting at 6:00. the police chief greg suhr is going to be there as well as city council members listening to people's concerns about this. and there are several investigations going right now into that police shooting both internally within the police department and outward investigations, as well. elizabeth? >> hopefully things will remain peaceful at that community meeting tonight. >> reporter: they will have
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extra police present. >> all right. anne makovec live for us in the newsroom this morning. san francisco police say test results show the man killed by officers on saturday had gunshot residue on his right hand. the san francisco pd says the presence of that substance can suggest a number of things. either he fired a gun, someone standing close to him shot one or someone who touched the residue got it on the teen's hand. the police say the seattle man shot at them before they ever opened fire. they have recovered a gun but haven't determined who it belongs to. a pedestrian is dead after apparently being hit by a number of cars on an east bay freeway. the chp says that the man was standing in one of the traffic lanes of westbound i-80 in san pablo last night when a white chevy malibu hit him. that car got off the freeway at mcbride avenue and kept going. the victim was then hit by other vehicles. this morning, friends and family are mourning the death
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of a marin county deputy. deputy jim mathiesen went to a home in petaluma monday night after his friend's daughter's ex threatened to kill her family. he was off duty and authorities say that thomas halloran killed mathiesen when the deputy tried to calm him down. another man shot and killed halloran when he tried to take a woman hostage. sheriff's investigators call that a justifiable homicide. the giants fan who was beaten up outside of dodger stadium is recovering after emergency surgery. now, that is after bryan stow suffered a seizure on monday. doctors say fluid started building up in his brain. in the meantime l.a. county leaders added more cash to the reward for information in the beating case. the county's reward now stands at $25,000. the prime suspect giovanni ramirez is behind bars on a parole violation. 6:05. never too early to start talking about the weekend and what we can expect. >> never too early-morning. i'm with you there. let's go over to kristy seifkin. >> should be a nice weekend but
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i say enjoy today because it's going to be the most beautiful day of the workweek. that is if you like hot weather. great day to get out to the beach. not much of a marine layer in the picture this morning in the clear. temperatures will warm up nicely by this afternoon. mild outside right now, as well. 61 in fairfield and in concord. 59 for livermore. 58 in redwood city. app and 57 in the city right now. temperatures in those inland spots today finally getting to where we should be for this time year temperatures in the mid-90s in those inland spots. high 70s actually you can see here in parts of the east bay. and actually pretty warm still in pacifica relatively speaking 67 there. 57 as a high in the city -- 75 as a high in the city. a look at the extended forecast a little later. first gianna has traffic. >> live to pleasanton we have reports of an accident westbound 580 near hopyard. but it looks like it's on the right shoulder not having too much problem. this area of the road is sluggish for the usual conditions in the morning drive. so give yourself some extra time either way. altamont pass though problem
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free. south 101 the at delacruz. chp and emergency crews are headed to the scene of an accident on the delacruz. traveling into san francisco extra central on the central freeway but accident-free. back to you. time now 6:07. a massive search today at yosemite national park. how a day of hike something now turned into a rest -- how a day of hiking is now turned into a rescue operation. i never had one inappropriate conversation! >> oh, a tough crowd in today's hearings for the phone hacking scandal. the intense grilling of britain's prime minister. and bart passengers time to pay up. how much parking fees are now set to rise.
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a san jose mother fought off a good morning. injury accident in san jose south 101 just south of san tomas expressway involving a motorcyclist blocking the two right lanes. chp just arriving on scene. more details on this and a look at the rest of the bay area coming up. >> thank you. a san jose mother fought
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off a woman to try to steal her daughter from her arms. police arrested 26-year-old myra flores shortly after that happened on monday night. flores is accused of forcing her way into a home on park avenue and trying to grab a 3- year-old girl from her mother. search crews are back at yosemite national park today looking for several missing hikers. rangers closed mist trail yesterday after witnesses said they saw at least one visitor swept over the falls. the search was called off when darkness fell. park officials closed the mist trail until at least noon today. witnesses say they saw a group of about 10 people climb over a safety rail and three of them ended up in the water and going over the falls. >> a lot of people today saw something really traumatic. lives were lost. it was really sad. >> i couldn't process why they were in the water when i first saw it because the current was moving so fast. >> well, one of the witnesses took this video that you're looking at now of where the
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water -- of the water where the victims fell in. at least eight people have died in yosemite this year. just about 30 minutes, gay marriage will be the topic at capitol hill. senator dianne feinstein will introduce a measure that overturns the "defense of marriage act." if it passes, it would may gay couples eligible for certain federal benefits. the defense of marriage act defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. time now 6:12. a new measure shedding hope for the nation's debt crisis. the ups and downs of a bipartisan plan. >> plus banning circumcision. the plan to stop the procedure in one bay area city could be derailed. >> and if you are taking off out of sfo today, we are cleared for take-off. beautiful conditions, plenty of sunshine making it to 75. that's warm weather but even warmer as we go to los angeles. 85 the high there today. plenty of sunshine. if you want to really put on the sunscreen and feel toasty today, go to phoenix where it
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will be 108. they have a little built of cloud cover to help them out though. full forecast for the bay area coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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u-haul trucks in mountain view. arson investigators are on scene. the manager says the site has had problems with a two-alarm fire destroyed eight trucks in mountain view. arson investigators are on scene.
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the manager says that the site has had problems with people stealing gas from the truck. about 3 dozen people are under arrest after last night's violence and vandalism in san francisco. this was over saturday's police shooting which killed a man. giants fan bryan stow is recovering from emergency surgery. now l.a. county is offering $25,000 for information leading to his attackers. it's going to be gorgeous outside today probably the hottest day of our workweek. plenty of sunshine out there across the board. take a look outside right now. clear as a bell, beautiful shot sun coming up this is from our roof cam. rest of the bay should be similar as we make our way into the afternoon. for this morning, temperatures pretty mild sitting in the 60s actually in some locations. a little bit of patchy fog out there at the coast but by this afternoon, definitely in the clear. sunshine across the board, as much as inland making it to the mid-90s. warm also along the pay shores today and at the coast, actually warmer than we have
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been certainly compared to last week. temperatures there sitting in the 60s today. flirting with that 70-degree mark. this area of high pressure that's brought that really hot weather to the rest of the country, that's what's bringing us the warmer weather here today and plenty of sunshine. and temperatures will be beautiful again tomorrow but a little bit cooler so get outside today and enjoy them. hot in other parts of northern california today, 96 is a high in fresno. 92 for sacramento. lake tahoe at 78 today. a little cooler in eureka at 66 and they have a little cloud cover there but rest of the board looking good with plenty of sunshine. your highs today look like this. 94 as a high in antioch. same story for pleasanton. hayward at 81. 88 for santa clara and for san jose. a few more 88s in kentfield and sonoma. 91 today as a high in fairfield and 68 for half moon bay. now, we are going to continue to see beautiful weather tomorrow. a little bit of cooling and as we make our way into friday, saturday and sunday, cooling off a little bit more. great weekend coming up.
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gianna has traffic. >> unfortunately, it just took a turn for the worse. we are going to san jose now. we have this accident we have been following north 10 at san tomas expressway. major injuries were reported. but i am just getting word from chp that they have called out the coroner so it's a possible fatal. chp shut down two right lanes because of the wreck. yellow on the sensors so traffic is starting to build. two right lanes closed until further notice. we'll get you more information as it comes in. heading through the rest of the south bay, northbound 280, not a bad choice right now. traffic actually looking good through downtown san jose. altamont pass starting to get busy. westbound 580 slow and go from the altamont pass to 680. that will take you about 18 minutes it make your way through there. also off the antioch bridge, not bad off the bridge but, of course, traffic slows a bit
6:19 am
between hillcrest and loveridge. gets up to speed towards pittsburg. bay bridge, metering lights off. live look at the upper deck no delays into san francisco, clear out of san francisco into oakland. if you are taking 880 into the maze no delays right now. 101 looking better through marin county. we have some early-morning roadwork causing stop and go conditions near san rafael but travel times have improved. south 101 only eight minutes from 37 to 580. live look at the golden gate bridge here once you hit the bridge so far, so good no delays working your way into san francisco through there. we'll get more on this trouble spot in san jose coming up. but right now back to you. >> thank you. cupertino-based apple continues it rake in the dough. it has earned $7.5 billion in just the last quarter. that is more than double a year ago. a.m. sold more than $20 million -- apple sold more than 20 million iphones from april to june millions more than analysts expected. a bay partisan plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling is gaining support. it was put together by three
6:20 am
democrats and three republicans, a group known as "gang of six." it promises nearly $4 trillion in deficit cuts. it also calls for cuts to federal healthcare programs, employee pensions and farm subsidies. it would also get rid of numerous tax loopholes. one downside? the plan may be too complex to advance before the august 2 deadline to avoid a default. i never had one inappropriate conversation! [ screaming ] >> let me be clear! let me be clear! i completely -- i completely took myself out of any decision- making about this bid! [ screaming ] >> i had no role in it. i had no role in when the announcements were going to be made. that is the point. >> and that is british prime minister david cameron facing tough questions today regarding his country's phone hacking scandal. it is a heated emergency session of the house of commons as we take live look for you right now. cameron is being criticized for once hiring a communications chief who was previously an
6:21 am
editor at "news of the world." the tabloid newspaper owned by rupert murdock's news corp shut down because of the scandal. a huge announcement from american airlines. how it is making aviation history. >> plus, is it casey anthony or not? you decide on the video that's causing a stir. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, delays along 101 in the south bay due to a
6:24 am
fatal accident involving a motorcyclist. chopper 5 will get us more information. two right lanes shut down at san tomas expressway until further notice. back to you. >> thank you. oakland voters will get their say on an $80 a year parcel tax in november. the special election mail-in ballot will help the city deal with the budget crunch. according to the sfgate, the five-year parcel tax to bring in $11 million a year. mayor quan says the revenues would boost funding for police officers and libraries. the price for parking at three bart stations on the peninsula will go up on the first of august. it will be $2 a day to park at the south san francisco, san bruno and millbrae stations. that's up from $1 currently. reserve permit fees will increase from $30 a month to $42. it's based on demand. stock futures are rising on news of a major jet deal. just two hours ago, american
6:25 am
airlines announced plans to order 460 new planes from boeing and airbus. that's the largest commercial aircraft order in history. the deal will cost more than $20 billion. this comes as the company is expected to post a net loss of about $235 million and spin off its regional carrier, american eagle. we have atlantis from the station... >> the space shuttle atlantis is now on its way back to earth getting closer to completing the final mission for nasa's shuttle program. landing is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 2:56 pacific time. coming up a major oversight by the dmv exposed. how thousands of disabled parking placards were sent to death people. plus, some cars hydroplane in the rain but that's not what's going on here. the freak flooding accident that pushed a car several feet
6:26 am
in the air. the manager of this u-haul location is concerned that past problems may be the cause for this morning's fire. he will explain in a live interview coming up. and extra security at a community meeting tonight after protests last night got out of control. our cbs 5 camera crew even got attacked. we have the footage coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's july 20, i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. frank is off. time now 6:29. let's start off with a quick look at weather but first to traffic. i know our gianna franco is following a fatal accident just confirmed in santa clara. >> yeah. exactly, elizabeth. in fact, they just changed the location. it's on southbound 101 at san tomas expressway. two right lanes are shut down until further notice but we are getting word from our radio partners that they may be shutting down all lanes intermittently. first here's kristy with your forecast. >> thanks a lot, gianna. going to see gorgeous weather out there this afternoon the warmest day of the workweek and temperatures outside right now not chilly, readings in the 60s. 61 in fairfield and concord. 58 fremont. 55 pacifica. we'll have a full look at the
6:30 am
highs coming up. back to you. >> thank you. right now arson investigators are at a u-haul lot in m view where a fire destroyed -- in mountain view where a fire destroyed several trucks. a neighborhood was evacuated at one time. anser hassan spoke with the lot's own they are morning about a possible connection to gas thieves. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, this location has had problems in the past but nothing like what we saw this morning. a two-alarm fire that destroyed up to 11 trucks costing hundreds of thousands of damage. earl is the manager of the location. sir, good morning. i know you have had a busy morning. appreciate you taking time to talk with us. you just met with arson investigators. what are they will you? >> basically, that it's still under investigation and they are going to probably be here probably until 9 or 10:00 this morning. and then at that time, they will let me know exactly what they find. >> reporter: now, you had mentioned to me earlier that you have had problems with gas thieves in the past. do you think there is some connection? >> if i had to guess, i would
6:31 am
think so, yes. >> reporter: and what makes you say that? >> because this location has a history of -- at least nine, ten months of constant people coming and stealing the gas from the store at least 10 to 12 trucks at a time, 15 to 25 gallons per truck. >> reporter: arson investigators are also not ruling out the possibility of mechanical problems, though, correct? >> i would think they are looking at everything. >> reporter: okay. what about the propane tanks? you said there is a 1,000 gallon propane tank in the back. is that secure at this time? >> it is secure and it didn't get to the propane tank, fortunately. and the propane tank was fine and the station period is fine. the trucks -- it wasn't in that area of the -- it was close but not in that area. they got the fire stopped before it could spread that far. >> reporter: okay. sir, i know you have had a busy
6:32 am
morning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: so we are also told that later on investigators will be bringing in dogs to help them sniff out for accelerants in the area. they are expected to continue this investigation through the morning about 9:00 or 10:00 this morning as he just mentioned. elizabeth? >> anser, we know at one time there were evacuations in the neighboring community. is everyone back home right now? >> reporter: yeah. as far as we know, all the residents have been let back in a their houses. the owner explained that the propane tank is secure. it's 1,000 gallons and pretty big, 10 feet tall so there was concern that not just the fire but even the heat could set that off. but it's secure and the residents as we have been told are let back in this morning. >> thank you, anser hassan live in mountain view. tempers flared on the streets of san francisco. protestors unhappy with the police killing of a teenage convict turned to vandalism and violence. dozens were arrested. anne makovec has more from the
6:33 am
newsroom. >> reporter: the police chief had already planned a community meeting that's going to be more important than ever. it's going on tonight. but after things got out of control last night, there will be extra security at this meeting. it's hosted by the chief of police and city council members trying to address people's concerns that police shooting that left a man dead. about -- this is video actually which was taken last night. our cbs photographer was actually attacked during this interview. you're about to see that. yeah. knocked down, camera knocked out of his hands. luckily, police did arrest somebody in that situation. and in fact that was one of 35 people who were arrested total after a crowd of about 150 people marched from dolores park ending near union square. along the way reports of people throwing smoke bombs, paint and a hammer, several windows broken. there were disruptions to
6:34 am
traffic, muni service and bart. this is all in response to the police shooting of a 19-year- old man on saturday kenneth wade harding. he was riding a bus here in the bayview. you're looking at some video posted to youtube after the fact. police got on the bus to check people's tickets and harding took off. police say he fired on them as he ran. they shot and killed him. and a lot of witnesses around, this was early evening and a lot of people did catch it on their cell phone video. that kind of fueled the fire when it turned to the community response. it turns out though harding was a parolee wanted for questioning in a murder in seattle. police are investigating that connection this morning. all going to be talked about tonight during a community meeting that is going on at the bayview operahouse. the address is there on your screen, 4705 third street. it starts at 6 p.m. greg suhr is going to be there as well as city councilwoman malia cohen wh represents the
6:35 am
bayview. there are several investigations going on from an internal investigation to the d.a.'s office to the office of community complaints. grace. >> we'll be watching. anne makovec in the newsroom, thank you. this morning, marin county sheriff's deputies have lost one of their own. deputy jim mathiesen who was off duty at the time went to a home in petaluma monday night. now, his friend's daughter's ex threatened to kill her family. authorities say thomas halloran killed mathiesen when the deputy tried to calm him down. another man shot and killed halloran after he took a woman hostage. sheriff investigators call that a justifiedable homicide. doctors had to perform emergency surgery on a giants fan who was beaten up outside of dodger stadium. that's after bryan stow had a seizure monday. he is recovering from brain injuries from an attack that happened four months ago. in the meantime, l.a. county leaders have added more cash to the reward for information in the beating
6:36 am
case. the county's reward is now $25,000. the prime suspect, giovanni ramirez, is in jail on a parole violation. time now 6:35. if your commute takes you on 101 through santa clara, expect big backups. let's go right to gianna franco with more on this now fatal accident there. >> thank you, elizabeth. we actually had reports from some members of the kcbs phone force that all lanes were blocked. looks like now only one left lane gets by southbound 101 just past san tomas expressway. chopper 5 is heading to the scene along 101. this is in santa clara southbound at san tomas expressway. fatal accident with a motorcycle and van. there is lots of activity on the scene. all but the left lane is shut down in the southbound side and again we'll have more information on that when chopper 5 gets to the scene. southbound is backed up approaching the accident. northbound though the commute direction really taking hate this morning. you are backed up pretty much almost to 680/101 interchange
6:37 am
so very slow and go northbound side for spectator slowing. but again that accident is on the southbound side. get you more information as it comes in. kristy has the forecast. >> it's going to be beautiful, plenty of sunshine pouring in all over the bay area starting to see some of the sunny skies outside right now. taking a look here over the city, you can see cloud cover at the golden gate bridge. the rest of the bay area in the clear. temperatures today as we look at them compared to yesterday, pretty significant jump. take a look. you can see between five and nine degrees above where we were yesterday. so concord actually going to be at 90. we'll tell how long the warm weather will last later in the show. a new bill may derail a ballot measure in san francisco that would ban children's circumcision. a los angeles democrat proposed the measure this month. it is in response to the ballot initiative that carries fines and possible jail time for adults who violated the ban. the ballot measure is also
6:38 am
facing a legal challenge from san francisco's city attorney. disabled placard cards for the dead? california dmv admits it sent out nearly 60,000 parking placards to people who were confirmed dead. this morning the "l.a. times" reports the dmv checks state death records every two years. a cross check of the records shows 56,000 placards were issued in error because of mismatched birth dates. this week a california state senator will introduce a bill that would make it a felony for a parent or guardian to fail to report a missing child within 48 hours. it is called "caylee's law" fo caylee anthony. her mother was convicted of lying to investigators about her whereabouts. the bill will be announced friday. people are still trying to figure out where casey anthony has gone since she was released from jail in orlando on sunday. there is video from an orlando
6:39 am
airport which shows a woman walking up a plane of a former attorney and she is wearing an outfit similar to what anthony wore when september 11 jail. president obama could call lawmakers to the white house today to talk about raising the debt limit. now, he praise the so-called "gang of six" senators yesterday for putting together a bipartisan plan. it would trim more than $4 trillion from the deficit. it also calls for cuts to federal healthcare programs, employee pensions and farm subsidies. >> the cabinet secretary, john yates, then paul stevenson, then all heels people including jeremy hayward who by the way worked diligently for tony blair and gordon brown. [ yelling ] >> let me just talk about resignation. i know it is convenient for the gentleman but sir paul set out his reasons for resignation yesterday in detailed evidence
6:40 am
and explained how his situation was so different to the situation in number 10 downing street. most of the questions he asked i had already answered. the chief of staff answered, the parallels with the metropolitan police answered. the roan of mr. walls answered. >> that's british prime minister david cameron facing tough questions today regarding his country's phone hacking scandal. it is a heated emergency session at the house of commons. cameron is criticized for hiring a communication chief who was once an editor of "news of the world." the tabloid newspaper owned by rupert murdock's news corp recently shut down because of the scandal. a protestor interrupted yesterday's hearing hitting rupert murdock in the face with a pie dish. that woman in pink his wife jumped from her seat and actually took a swing at the protestor. police arrested him. 6:40. a billionaire investor raises the stakes in his bid for a bay
6:41 am
area company. >> and it could be a game changer in the battle for gay rights. the controversial measure being introduced this morning. plus, the surprising secret about those calorie labels. the popular restaurants that have been lying to customers. and the market opened just about 11 minutes ago. get a quick check of the early- morning numbers. dow down 15, nasdaq up 6. s&p up just about a point. get an up day from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. -- we'll get an update from moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ,, ,,
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good morning. chopper 5 is over santa clara right now. wire monitoring a fatal accident. you're looking at southbound 101 just past san tomas expressway. this is a fatal accident involving a motorcyclist and as you can see, lots of activity there on scene. the coroner has been called out. only one left lane gets by here at the scene. so all the right lanes are closed and traffic is stacking up. avoid the area. delays on the northbound side, as well. in fact, traffic was backed up beyond guadalupe parkway northbound 101 for spectator slowing. again, once you pass the accident scene traffic opens on the southbound side of 101. so jumping over to our maps, again you can see as we saw in
6:45 am
the pictures south 101 is where this accident is but northbound you're starting to see a backup for spectator slowing. 18 minutes from 280/680 to 237. northbound 280 looking good through downtown san jose. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing a slight backup near the incline, as well. a little sluggish. extra volume heading into san francisco on the upper deck. i know delays san francisco into oakland. -- no delays san francisco into oakland. altamont pass loading up, 27 minutes now westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680. lots of yellow and red on our sensors so slow speeds this morning. antioch also business as usual westbound slow and go from hillcrest to loveridge. we are seeing delays out of marin county, as well. south 101 looks sluggish at the bridge. kristy has the forecast. >> thank you. we are going to see beautiful sunny skies throughout the bay area today. i know everyone was talking about this weekend is the weather going to be better? i say today is the day to get
6:46 am
out and go to the beach or for a hike. it's going to be gorgeous. it's the warmest day of the week. sun rising you can see clear conditions this morning from our mount vaca catch, not much marine layer or cloud cover. a little bit of fog at the bridge but for the most part, clear and very nice. temperatures right now sitting in the 50s and 60s. and by this afternoon, temperatures warming up nicely in those inland spots hitting the mid-90s. we'll see high 70s around the bay and at the coast, temperatures there in the 60s. and like said not too much clouds to contend with, such a different forecast than even a week ago. this high pressure building from the southeast is bringing us those warm conditions. sweltering for the rest of the country but here pretty pleasant and today will be the warmest day of the workweek. so enjoy t temperatures will likely this. 87 for milpitas and in santa clara. 85 is the high in redwood city. and 84 in union city. brentwood topping out at 59 today. danville 93. san leandro almost breaking that 80-degree mark, same story
6:47 am
for oakland and alameda. mid-70s in richmond and berkeley. nasa making it to the 90s. we see 91 in fairfield. mill valley cooler at 84. the city today making it to 75. so hot weather today, beautiful tomorrow, although a little cooler and some fog building in at the coastline. continuing to cool into the weekend and actually a cooler start for next workweek. temperatures in the mid-80s at that point. and if you are lucky enough to be headed to the giants game this afternoon, beautiful weather, 74 degrees plenty of sunshine. we'll see if they can sweep and win that third game. back to you. >> thank you. right now, a hearing on gay marriage is under way in our nation's capital. let's go out live there. senator dianne feinstein will introduce a measure that overturns the "defense of marriage act." if it passes, it would make gay couples eligible for certain federal benefits. the "defense of marriage act" defines marriage as between one man and one woman. mixed results in some bay
6:48 am
area tech giants releasing their new earnings reports. here's jason brooks with kcbs and jason, it's a good day if you own apple stock, right? >> reporter: stop me if you have heard had before. another blockbuster quarter for apple and another lackluster quarter for yahoo. that's exactly what we saw again in the 2nd quarter. apple blowing away expectations. profit more than doubling to $7.3 billion. revenue up 82% to $28.6 billion. these were record quarterly numbers for apple. they sold more than 20 million iphones. 9.3million ipads in the quarter. the numbers just continue to get better. then you have yahoo. now, their earnings were pretty much in line with expectations at $237 million on the profit side. but revenue was lower than a year ago. $1.08billion. the key, key metric for yahoo fell in the latest quarter that's display advertising revenue. and it's continuing to fall further behind google and
6:49 am
facebook is really gaining some ground on yahoo. that's been yahoo's bread and butter for a long time putting more pressure on carol bartz. apple shares are higher by 3.5%, yahoo down by 5%. clorox said no to carl icahn's $10.2 billion takeover offer. he is putting another $500 million into the kitty and saying that shareholders of clorox ought to get a say or at least be able to get forbid. that would be even higher than what icahn. there is word from the senate that some progress is being made in raising the debt ceiling. the market fell back a little this morning. right now the dow lower by 12. nasdaq down by 5. the s&p up by about 1. grace and elizabeth? >> thank you,moneywatch. -- thank you, jason brooks with
6:50 am
kcbs and a group of doctors and health experts wants to give millions of women in the u.s. free birth control. an independent medical panel recommended that health plans offer a range of couldn't at the present timetives for women without co-pays. they say it should be considered a preventative service. doctors say women with unwanted pregnancies are less likely to receive prenatal care and more likely to drink and smoke while pregnant. don't always believe what you see out there. >> that's right. officially when they are bigger than your stomach, those calorie counts and fast feud menus shocker they're not really accurate. a new study shows nearly one out of five restaurant dishes has at least 100 calories more. that's right, than what restaurants post online. all right. among the culprits, olive garden, outback steakhouse, chipotle mexican grill and boston market. the study was conducted by researchers at tufts university. why is it never lower? >> i know. i know. i was just hoping. >> hoping.
6:51 am
>> of course not. all right. time now for a look at what's coming up later this morning on "the early show." chris wragge is in new york rethinking that all creek eat pasta option now? >> yeah. it's the meatballs stuffed with ricotta cheese on the fettucini alfredo that i can't believe it's 1500 calories per serving. unbelievable! who knew. good morning. [overlapping speakers] >> all right. just ahead on "the early show" here a huge announcement from american airlines this morning. aviation history in a big boost for business. we'll talk with the company president, tom horton. plus the house passes one plan on ending the debt crisis. the question now, can it clear the senate? we'll also hear from middle america where fruit amused by this impasse. and rupert murdock is off the hot seat but his wife is in the spotlight. we'll look at the protective wife of the media mogul who sprang into action yesterday that. and more on "the early show." but wendy, you talk about a haymaker, it was an incredible
6:52 am
site. >> you can hear the sound of the slap. >> bam. >> thanks a lot, chris, for joining us. "the early show" starts at 7:00. it is always wise to be careful when choosing a parking space. >> look at this. you will see why. yikes! that was the scene yesterday in montreal where gushing water nearly a lived a car off the ground -- lifted a car off the ground. underground sweating caused an eruption out of a manhole. the parked car was heavily damaged. >> or destroyed. >> i don't think that car is usable. time now 6:52. u-hauls go up in flames. now arson investigators are on the scene. why the lot manager says he has had trouble before. plus, separated from his family in a devastating tornado, how the feline survivor manage to make it back home three months later.
6:53 am
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
6:54 am
6:55 am
do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. good morning. back out to chopper 5, live over the scene of this fatal accident in santa clara. again, chp is on scene. one person has died. it's an accident involving a van and motorcycle. san tomas expressway the only lane gets by there but past that they did have two right
6:56 am
lanes shut down. they have opened one more lane past this portion of the roadway. you can see there chp still on scene. again past the accident, traffic looks a lot better but because of this closure, on that left-hand side of your screen, you're looking at the one on northbound 101, that's the commute direction. lots of spectator slowing. it is just crawling along. your best bet is to use 280 as an alternate either way. we're seeing some backup as well as you exit and enter the freeway there. the accident is 101 at san tomas. slow approaching the scene. northbound taking a big hit for the spectator slowing. we'll keep you updated during the cutins. right now back to the news dis. >> thank you. a neighborhood evacuated several u-haul trucks were destroyed and now there is an arson investigation that's ongoing. anser hassan reports from mountain view. >> reporter: good morning. police and arson investigators are continuing their investigation to what may have caused this morning's fire at this location here in mountain view. the u-haul manager of the
6:57 am
location is concerned that gas thieves who have targeted the location in the past may be linked to the to fire. the two-alarm fire broke out at 1:15 a.m. 8 to 10 empty trucks were destroyed causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. there are no reports of injuries but threats to a huge 1,000-gallon propane tank in the back lot prompted the evacuation of nearby residents. they have been allowed back home. arson investigators aren't ruling out the possibility of mechanical failure. they are bringing in dogs to help with the investigation that will run through the rest of the morning. >> thank you. san francisco's police chief heads to the bayview district this evening for a town hall meeting about a weekend officer-involved shooting. police arrested dozens of protestors who took to the streets yesterday. there was some violence aimed at police and even a cbs 5 toto journalist was attacked -- photojournalist was attacked. he is fine this morning.
6:58 am
search-and-rescue crews are looking for three people who were seen going over vernal false in yosemite national park yesterday. witnesses say they were in a group that climbed over a safety rail. 6:58. kristy said earlier that this could be the best day of the week weather-wise if you like the sun. >> okay. well, let's get straight to her then. >> that is true. if you like heat and sunshine, then, yes, this is the best day of the week. we are seeing warm temperatures today finally, the -- finally, the the 90s inland. we'll cool down tomorrow, continuing with the cooling trent into the rest of the week. the start of next week cooler starting out in the mid-80s. beautiful shot sent in by one of our viewers. mount diablo sunrise. and this is kind of a shot that you can enjoy tonight. so clear and so sunny. so get outside and enjoy the weather today. if you have a photo to share with us, send it to us at
6:59 am >> thank you. an alabama homeowner welcomes back a pretty lucky kitty. it has been missing for nearly three months after a tornado toppled her house. >> this month, she found the cat named rascal lying under her truck. a veterinarian says the 9.5 pound cat was only 2 pounds. now his other than is helping him gain some weight -- now his owner is helping him gain some weight and recover from the ordeal. looks good considering he has been gone for three months. poor cat. >> change the name to survivor. >> all right. thank you so much for watching cbs 5 "early edition." we'll see you back here tomorrow bright and very early at 4:30. >> yeah. enjoy the sunshine. have a great day. >> caption colorado, llc

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